Not raising geniuses, but inspiring genius within every child

Montessori kids are smart. They are thinkers, explorers, humanitarians, social activists, environmentalists and more. They are not smart because they get straight A’s in school, they are smart because they know how to solve problems. They are smart because they understand that the answer is not always inside the box. They are smart because they respect their community, and understand that teamwork is essential in groups. They are smart, because they don’t compete, they excel, and they want everyone to excel with them. They don’t want to be better than their peers, they just want to be their best self.

The children’s thirst for knowledge is unquenchable and the classroom is an open palate for them to explore. In a true Montessori classroom, children love what they are doing and they are learning. Not memorizing and computing, but Learning, Understanding and Exploring. They are also, teaching, encouraging and inspiring their peers. At Kinderhaus, we vow to educate the whole of your child and support him in achieving his highest accomplishments, Social, Emotionally and Academically.

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